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Welcome to my lair. Isnt it good to be under my spell even before we meet I am Domina Ruby but you can call me Miss Ruby or Maam. I have been a practicing lifestyle domina for number of years and I have amassed a lot of experience. Ive been described as a woman who makes you believe that magic exists in the world and also a human force of nature. You are on this page because you are seeking a dominant woman to show you a different world outside of the one in which you normally operate An escape and a place to surrender. You seek someone who understands and accepts you while also being worthy of taking your responsibilities off your shoulders for a little while. Allow yourself to fall into a carefully woven web of my delectable design. This web leads you down a path of self discovery, exploration and adventure. Youll discover many things, the first of which is how to let go and give in. Sometimes its hard to have our wants, express them and even harder to throw ourselves into the hands of someone who may not be able to make them reality. This is a trust exercise and if you compete it, you will be rewarded. Who am I Im a curious mix of many things and I may surprise you with my depth and complexity. Ill get inside your head and make you feel comfortable before you know it and then if youre lucky, youll get to know a little piece of me too. I long for excitement, adventure, the unknown, things that have been unexplored and things that are beautiful and complex. I like to share and create powerful moments that blaze so brightly that they drown out the rest of the world and all the problems in it. Id like to draw you into my world, where time doesnt exist and bring you to your knees for me. Nothing, absolutely nothing pleases me quite like the obedience and pure devotion I feel when our eyes lock, you looking up at me and the words Yes Maam flow from you with ease. An intoxicating and encompassing plea to be drawn in further. Visit my website and Im sure well get along just fine

Hello there pet, my name is Mistress Ruby Enraylls and perhaps we have already been acquainted maybe you've seen my photos before or maybe this is first time you've laid eyes on me. Either way, I'm sure you're about to be enraptured. I am a dominant woman by nature and I adore taking control, it gives me a thrill when you're on your knees for me. I know it gives you a rush too and I know you can't stop thinking about what it would be like to submit to me. To give up that control and to fall victim to my seductive charms. I am a highly skilled dominatrix and I have had many years of training in a wide variety of disciplines, if you can imagine it, I have likely done it. That is not hyperbole. Needless to say, you are in capable and skilled hands when you submit to me. Browse my website a bit for a taste (but not complete list) of my interests, along with some tempting photos, video samples and informative blog posts.


  • Phone: 120-648-64960


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