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Just in reading this, you are taking a step away from the ordinary. For this, we are already inclined toward one another. Keep reading to accelerate our coming together. I am a lady offering companionship for the discerning gentleman and fellow erudite hedonist. Ive been called mysterious, addictive and inimitable, but its my warm and engaging nature that will set you at ease. While I am based in Seattle, I am prone to flights of fancy and flights by invitation. Should we come to meet, be forewarned, my razor sharp wit and quiet humor house unsubtle proclivities. A healthy sense of adventure and an open mind are strongly advised. I treasure being challenged, being touched and learning about the interests and knowledge of my suitors.. I also love feeling that Im able to give as much as I receive. Exploring your dreams and cravings is something I look forward to creating a safe and free environment for. The way we spend our time and the company we keep, serves to inform our lives very much. For all of these reasons, I do not engage with unkind people or those unwilling to comply to screening standards and instructions thereafter. Like fine wine, I believe pairing to be important and yeilding of the best results. If you think we would be a good fit, then I welcome you with open of arms. Uncertain Book a social date! I cant wait to discover each other Most ardently yours,. Adelle


  • Phone: 120-671-21794


  • Name: 12067121794
  • Age: 30
  • Phone: 12067121794
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  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
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  • Height: 171
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